Victoria Park Stow Road

As part of the new six-platform Perth Stadium Station, a new stowage road will be constructed in the existing railway reserve between Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Park Station to stow four six-car trains on event days.

Victoria Park Stow Road

The stow road work will consist of:

  • One additional track between the existing tracks;
  • 19 new portal masts for overhead wiring;
  • Embankment retention works;
  • A small signalling equipment room; and
  • A small structure containing drivers’ lunch room and toilets

Construction timelines

The stow road will be built between November 2015 and mid-2017, with intermittent construction activities in the railway reserve on both Rutland and Kitchener avenues during this time.

Work will generally be undertaken during normal hours of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday, unless specified.  Residents will be notified in advance of any night works.

  • 2015-16: Clearing, excavation and stabilisation of rail embankments.Installation 
    of overhead wiring masts and a signalling equipment room.
  • January 2017: Moving existing tracks to install the stow road, removal of old ballast and sleepers, installation of new ballast and sleepers, installation of overhead wiring masts and other minor works.
  • January - April 2017: Continue with the track and overhead wiring works, plus intermittent minor works and commissioning.


Residents can expect some noise, dust and traffic disruption around the reserve during working hours. All work will be carried out in accordance with a Construction Environmental Management Plan, which includes noise and vibration, approved by the project’s environmental regulators. Dust will be managed by keeping the area well watered and swept with water and sweeper trucks. Dust, noise and vibration monitoring equipment will be installed on site and noise suppression measures will be in place to minimise impacts to residents. 

Screw piling will be used to enable the installation of 19 new portal masts for overhead wiring.  Screw piling generates very low noise and minimal vibration compared to sheet piling and pile driving.

Ground compaction will also be required and involves the use of a roller and vibrating plate, which will generate some noise and vibration. There will also be welding activities within the reserve as the rail crossovers are assembled.

There will be times when traffic management will be required on Kitchener Avenue and Rutland Avenue to enable truck movements in and out of the railway reserve.  

The four access points for trucks into the railway reserve are as follows:

  • Junction Kitchener Avenue and Egham Road;
  • Opposite 43 Kitchener Avenue;
  • Rutland Avenue adjacent to Gallipoli Street; and
  • Opposite 20 Rutland Avenue

Residents will receive construction work updates with more information in the coming months and details will also be posted on the ‘Construction Impacts’ page of the Perth Stadium website.

Pre-construction surveys

Pre-construction surveys wereundertaken at residences and business premises that are considered to be within the zone where construction activities may have some impact. 

Pre-construction surveys involve the inspection and photographic recording of the condition of buildings and will be used as a reference should any damage result from construction activities. 

Event days

As public transport will move up to 83 per cent of a capacity crowd in the first hour after an event at Perth Stadium, additional trains will be required. Most of these trains will be stowed at Perth Stadium Station with room for four six-car trains at the Victoria Park Stow Road.

On event days, trains will be moved into the stow road before the event and will move out once the event is over.

Perth Stadium is scheduled to open in January 2018.