Victoria Park Stow Road Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As part of the new six-platform Perth Stadium Station, a new stowage road will be constructed within the existing railway reserve between Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Park Station to stow four six-car trains on event days.

The stow road work will include:

  • One new track between the existing tracks;
  • 19 new masts for overhead wiring; 
  • A small structure containing drivers’ break room; and
  • A small signaling equipment room.

Why has this location been selected for the stow road? Why can’t it be located in the Welshpool industrial area?
For the special event service to be successful in moving up to 28,000 people from Perth Stadium Station within the first hour after an event, the trains need to be stowed as close to the station as possible. A stow road in Welshpool would be too far from Perth Stadium Station and would diminish the speed and reliability of the service.

Why can’t trains be stowed in the rail reserve between the Windan Bridge and Burswood Station?
As part of the Perth Stadium Station works, a stowage yard in the rail reserve will be built to hold up to 18 trains. Therefore all available space between the Windan Bridge and Burswood Station is being used.

Why can’t trains be stowed at Claisebrook Depot?
Operational constraints make moving trains out of Claisebrook Depot and up to Perth Stadium Station in a timely manner difficult as they need to go to Perth Station to turn around first and then turn again at Perth Stadium Station. Special event trains need to be stowed on the south east side of Perth Stadium Station to ensure a fast and reliable service.

What will the stow road look like?
There will be a single additional track built between the Armadale Line tracks. In addition to the track, there will be 19 overhead wiring masts, a narrow footpath for drivers, low-level sensor lighting, a small signaling equipment room and a drivers’ break facility next to Victoria Park Station.

How often will the stow road be used?
The stow road will be used for major event days at Perth Stadium. At this stage, it is estimated there will be between 32 and 37 events per year at Perth Stadium. This will include AFL matches, cricket, International Rugby and possible concerts.

Will the stow road be used at any other times beside event days?
The stow road will not be used as part of standard train operations, however if there is a technical failure on the line, the stow road may be used to turn trains. 

How many trains and individual railcars will be stowed at the Victoria Park Stow Road?
The stow road will have capacity for four six-car trains, consisting of 24 rail cars in total.  

How long will the trains sit in the stow road for?
Trains will move into the stow road before an event and leave within an hour after the event finishes.

How much noise will the stationary trains and additional trains on the line make?
The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is undertaking noise and vibration monitoring of existing train services which will inform noise and vibration modelling on the final design of the new stow road. If it is determined the noise or vibration from train operations will exceed acceptable levels, mitigation and control measures will be carefully considered. The PTA’s nominated acceptable noise and vibration levels have been developed based on relevant planning policy, noise regulations and input from the Department of Environment Regulation – Noise Branch. 

Will the vibration levels increase with the increase in train traffic?
The results of vibration modelling on early designs indicate that train vibration levels will be below the criteria for damage to properties as well as human discomfort. However, as individual results can vary due to building condition and other environmental factors, the PTA is carrying out monitoring to determine current vibration levels and predict future levels based on final designs.

Will there be any security lighting for the stow road?
Yes there will be low-level sensor lighting that will stand at around 1m high and will only turn on when the train drivers’ footpath is being used. This is to ensure that drivers can safely access the trains and break facilities.

Construction methodology

How long will construction of the stow road take?
The stow road will be built between late 2015 to mid-2017, with intermittent construction activities in the railway reserve on both Rutland and Kitchener avenues during this time.

What will be the working hours of construction?
Work will generally be undertaken during normal construction hours of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. There will be some requirement for night works and residents will be notified in advance.

How will the impacts of noise, dust and vibration be managed?
All work will be carried out in accordance with a Construction Environmental Management Plan, which includes noise and vibration, approved by the project’s environmental regulators. Dust will be managed by keeping the area well watered and swept with water and sweeper trucks. Dust, noise and vibration monitoring equipment will be installed on site and noise suppression measures will be in place to minimise impacts to residents.

What is the proposed access into site?
Great Eastern Highway will be the main access way to site with four site entrances into the rail reserve. These are: opposite 20 Rutland Avenue, corner of Rutland Avenue and Gallipoli Street, corner of Egham Road and Kitchener Avenue and opposite 43 Kitchener Avenue.

Will the construction cause any damage to my property?
It is not envisaged that construction works will cause damage to nearby buildings, however, as a precautionary measure, pre-construction surveys have been undertaken at residences and business premises that are close to the construction zone.

What does a pre-construction survey involve?
Pre-construction surveys involve the inspection and photographic recording of the current condition of a building and can be used as a reference should any damage result from construction activities. 

What is the first step I take if I notice cracking in my house or want more information on the Victoria Park Stow Road?
Please contact Perth Stadium on 9428 1961 or at