Stadium Station design revealed

17 February 2015
Transport Minister Dean Nalder today described it as a modern and vibrant piece of infrastructure which would complement the new Perth Stadium.
  • Modern and vibrant design revealed for stadium train station 
  • Design complements new Perth Stadium
  • Trains to leave the station every few minutes after an event
  • The first images of the new Perth Stadium train station have been revealed.

Artist's impression of the Stadium Station entry

The station and associated railway infrastructure, valued at $100 million, is part of a $358 million integrated transport component for the stadium.

Releasing the artist’s impressions, Mr Nalder said it would rival the public transport options at some of the world’s most popular sporting venues.

“The new station will allow for a train to leave the station every few minutes after a capacity-event crowd and will feature three island platforms with six platform faces for passenger loading,” he said.

“Aesthetically, the colour will complement the design of the new Perth Stadium, which has a striking bronze coloured facade. A wide roof reaches out from the enclosed concourse to protect passengers from the weather. Public art will also be incorporated into the final design.”

Artist's impression of the Stadium Station Interior

Work is already under way to prepare the station site for construction to begin. The existing railway tracks at the former Belmont Park station have been shifted, ready for construction to start later this year.

The Minister said the station would be built under an alliance arrangement - the same model used on the highly-successful Perth City Link Rail Alliance. An alliance will soon be selected to build the station and associated rail works, and construction will begin later this year to ensure its completion by late 2017.

Hassell Ltd was awarded a $5.5 million contract to prepare the Stadium Station design in June last year. 

Construction of the new Perth Stadium started in December 2014.  It will be completed for the start of the 2018 AFL season.

Fact file

  • Stadium train station will be built on the former Belmont Park Station site.
  • Earthworks involved removing 26,000m3 of material.
  • Up to 28,000 passengers will use the station to leave the stadium within an hour of an event finishing.