Swan River Pedestrian Bridge - Project Update, September 2014

Three contractors are currently preparing proposals for the construction of the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge. Proponents have been asked to respond based on specific design objectives, which are included in this project update.

Project Status

In June 2014, the State released a simple bridge image to the public designed to indicate the scale and bridge crossing location.  This image will accompany documentation for the bridge development application during 2014.

Three contractors are currently preparing proposals for the bridge and will deliver these to the State in October 2014.  The final proposals will be evaluated by an expert panel, made up of design, engineering and architectural specialists.  

Main Roads expects to award a contract in February 2015, with work expected to start on the bridge before mid-2015.

Stakeholder Engagement

The State has been working with regulatory stakeholders including the City of Perth, Swan River Trust, Metropolitan Regional Authority and Department of Environment to inform the design brief for the bridge.  Work has focused on developing the urban design elements for the Nelson Avenue Special Events Bus Stands and including these in the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge contract.

Design elements discussed to date included the types of materials to be used on the ground, the location of bus facilities and river foreshore treatments.

Proponents have been asked to use the following design objectives in developing design for the bridge structure and Special Events Bus Stands:

  • Site responsive: engages with the surrounding natural and built landscape making a dynamic contribution to its context, addressing the City, Swan River and Stadium;
  • Identifiable: a civic landmark offering distinctive character and a structurally expressive form with elegant proportions and scale;
  • Valuing heritage: responding to the history of the Swan River and surrounding context; and in particular recognises and interprets its indigenous significance;
  • Engaging: providing a high level of pedestrian amenity; offering a memorable crossing experience, sense of arrival and a sequence of unfolding views and vistas;
  • Functional: ensuring that the bridge is fit-for-purpose, well-planned and constructed with appropriate materials and technology;
  • Safe: providing a pedestrian environment that feels comfortable and welcoming; avoids conflict with cyclists and pedestrians; and offers direct, safe and unimpeded access
  • Accessible: providing universal accessibility for all levels of mobility;
  • Robust: using high quality materials and detailing to achieve civic character, durability, ease of maintenance and whole-of-life value for money; and
  • Innovative: demonstrating the engagement of the full set of skills available within the Contractor’s team in a unique and integrated way.  

Other items prescribed within the bridge contract document include:

  • The bridge must not contain spans over Nelson Avenue or Nile Street.
  • The western approach ramps and paths to the footbridge at the East Perth shore must generally be orientated in a southerly direction.
  • Soft landscaping (i.e. plantings) on the footbridge, if provided, must minimise ongoing management costs and future maintenance needs.   
  • The western abutment must be set back from the banks of the Swan River or newly designed river walls and the distance must be maximised to accommodate linear access along the river and landscaping.
  • When viewed from the river, the visual intrusion of the footbridge must be minimised in terms of location, massing, form and materials, and be open in appearance and appealing. 
  • At least one staircase must be provided at the East Perth shore between the footbridge and the nearby paths.  The minimum clear width of the staircase must be 6.0 m and must contain a centrally located handrail.  The staircase must be designed so that it can be easily closed during stadium events as part of operational measures managed by others.  
  • The footbridge must be blocked off from unauthorised vehicles at the East Perth shore by removable bollards or other suitable devices.  The bollards or devices must not prevent access to the footbridge by emergency vehicles in an emergency situation, and their design must be approved by relevant emergency Authorities.  

Other urban design, location and facility requirements of this area that the contractor is required to consider are:

  • Landscaping;
  • A pedestrian common area;
  • Hardstands areas;
  • Bus shelters;
  • Foreshore stabilisation; and
  • Seating/shelter/bins/handrails etc.

Stakeholder engagement - next steps

Following contract award, further design information will become available for the bridge and the surrounding area.  This will inform the development of operational plans for the bridge once it is complete.  The State will continue to work with project stakeholders to provide up to date information as it becomes available.

 For further information contact the new Perth Stadium.