Stadium Park – year-round access

Stadium Park

The Stadium will be integrated within a broader Stadium Park, providing opportunities for the development of cafes, alfresco dining, playgrounds, community spaces and other infrastructure that can be utilised on both on event and non-event days.

The landscape design around the Park is inspired by the Indigenous six seasons, providing wind and shade protection.

A network of walking and cycle tracks throughout the Park encourages seven day a week use.

BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre

The new Perth Stadium and Sports Precinct. Amphitheatre

The BHP boardwalk, which will be more than 200 metres long, will link the BHP amphitheatre in the south of the Park to the Community Oval in the north.  

It will feature a series of interpretive story boards recognising the role and importance of indigenous culture on the stadium site and within Western Australia.

More details on the BHP Boardwalk and Amphitheatre.

Chevron Parkland

Artist impression of a nature play area in the Perth Stadium precinct

The Chevron Parkland covers 2.6 hectares of rehabilitated parkland and will include six Nature Play areas along the Swan River foreshore.

The Nature Play areas within the Parkland will include various climbing, balancing, tunnelling and chill out elements plus sand pits and look outs.  Each play area caters to children of all ages and has picnic and BBQ facilities in close proximity for easy access and supervision.

The Chevron Parkland will also include a number of permanent artworks by Western Australian Aboriginal artists that can be enjoyed by Western Australian families and visitors 365 days of the year.

More details on the Chevron Parkland.

Buffet and a la carte restaurants

A photo of the BHP Boardwalk being constructed and the view from the buffet restaurant

An a la carte and a buffet restaurant are located outside the Stadium and adjacent to the western entrance providing a destination for patrons both pre and post-game plus on non-event days.

The a la carte restaurant has a 150 person capacity with uninterrupted views of the Swan River and city skyline.

The buffet restaurant will seat up to 500 people and will also provide uninterrupted views over the Swan River. 

Redeveloped golf clubhouse

An artist impression of the redeveloped golf clubhouse named The Camfield

The former Burswood Park Golf Clubhouse will be redeveloped into a new micro-brewery, bar, restaurant and function area and will be open in line with Perth Stadium in early 2018.

The venue, named "The Camfield" will be located near the Burswood landing of the new Swan River Pedestrian Bridge and in proximity to Perth Stadium.

It will be open on both event and non-event days so patrons can enjoy a premium hospitality destination with magnificent views of the Swan River, City and Perth Stadium year-round.

The Arbour

An artist impression of the Arbour, which connects the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge to Stadium Station

The Arbour links the six-platform Stadium Station to the Swan River.

Construction of the Arbour commenced in June and incorporates:

  • 43 steel arches at a maximum height of10.5m high (minimum 8m) and maximum width of 20.5m wide (minimum 15m).
  • Wire cables hold over 3000 decorative metal plates in place, which have different patterns etched into them allowing natural light to burst through.
  • Incorporates lighting so it will be possible to host events at night underneath the Arbour.
  • Vines will also be planted to entangle themselves around the steel spans.

The Northern Oval

An aerial photo of Perth Stadium and Stadium Park in June 2017

The Northern Oval is located in the northern section of Stadium Park and is available for public use on non-event days, as well as providing event-day parking.

View the construction progress page.

View the transport section.

Perth Stadium and Stadium Park art

image of verses of the Kaya poem on a Podium Art panel

Perth Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park incorporates several permanent artworks. The pieces celebrate Western Australia’s indigenous culture, landscape, history and community while responding to the themes of people, land and sport.

See the Perth Stadium & Stadium Park Art Fact Sheet for details on three pieces of artwork that have been revealed on site.

Further art pieces will be revealed in 2017.

Bicycle access to Stadium Park

Cycling to and from the Perth Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park will be encouraged.

Several shared use paths throughout Stadium Park are connected to the existing Burswood Peninsula path network, including the Swan River Path and Victoria Park Drive.

For details view the Stadium Park Bicycle Access Map.

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