Master planning

A Master Plan has been created to guide the development of Perth Stadium by 2018, within the Stadium Park extending over the northern portion of the former Burswood Park Golf Course. The Master Plan will also guide future stages of development on Burswood Peninsula.

The Master Plan proposes to establish the Perth Stadium within a parkland setting rather than an urban setting. It aims to support and complement, rather than compete with, other commercial and retail developments in and around the Burswood Peninsula.  The potential to create extensive passive and active recreational precincts is a response to the unmet demand for recreational space in the inner metropolitan area. 

The Master Plan incorporates a multi-modal transport strategy dominated by rail and bus services. A target of 83% of travel to the Stadium by public transport is proposed. 

For more information view The Master Plan fact sheet.

Stadium location - Master Plan

April 2013

An aerial image of the Burswood Peninsula with the master plan over layed on top

Indicative Stadium location

December 2011

 An aerial photo of the Burswood Peninsular with location tags added to highlight existing infrastructure

The Master Planning complements the Burswood Peninsula District Structure Plan prepared by the Department of Planning.

Stadium Master Planning will develop:

  • Regional Framework Plan
  • Stadium Park Plan
  • Stadium Development Plan

Stadium Precinct to be located on northern portion of Burswood Park Golf Course.

Burswood location advantages

  • Ample land for a stadium within a sports precinct
  • Space for a plaza surrounding the Stadium
  • Opportunities to optimise public transport usage, mainly via rail
  • Space for safe dispersion of crowd to public transport
  • Ample space for the design of a stadium bus hub 
  • Opportunity for connectivity with existing development on the Peninsula and in East Perth
  • Pedestrian bridge crossing river is short walk to East Perth
  • Pedestrian access across Windan Bridge
  • Located above the 100 year flood level after some filling
  • Similar site conditions to Burswood Entertainment Complex and residential development
  • Manageable site contamination