Perth Stadium Station

Trains are the best way to efficiently move large groups of people. Following a capacity crowd at Perth Stadium, 28,000 people are expected to leave from the new Perth Stadium Station and 7,500 people from an upgraded East Perth Station.

To do this, work will be completed to:

  • build a new six-platform Perth Stadium Station, at the former Belmont Park site, to allow one train to depart approximately every two minutes
  • build nearby stowage for up to 117 railcars to keep a continuous flow of trains following events.
  • build additional stowage between Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Park Station for four six-car trains. 
  • upgrade East Perth Station to accommodate additional passengers on event days (view the fact sheet).
  • upgrade other areas of the rail network to accommodate the larger numbers.

The rail works commenced in August 2015.

For more information on Perth Stadium Station view the following fact sheets:

For construction impacts on local roads, visit our Construction Works Impacts page.

Artist's impression of the Stadium Station entry
Artist's impression of the Stadium Station Interior
An aerial photo of Perth Stadium Station from July 2017

Major works complete for Perth Stadium Station and Victoria Park Stow Road

14 July 2017

The Armadale Line closure on the 16-19 June 2017 marked the final major piece of work for the Perth Stadium Rail Project.  This included building Perth Stadium Station at Burswood and associated track infrastructure both at Burswood and Victoria Park. 

While the Station is almost complete, work is continuing at the Station entrance and forecourt.  Within the rail reserve, all major construction work is now finished, however there will continue to be minor and miscellaneous works taking place along the tracks through to September 2017, including some night works.  Residents close to the track will receive out-of-hours work notices closer to the time.

After these works are complete and as we prepare for the opening of Perth Stadium, the Public Transport Authority will test the new infrastructure at Burswood and Victoria Park by operating trains on the new tracks.  This will be an opportunity to conduct noise and vibration monitoring of train operations along Victoria Park Drive and Rutland/Kitchener avenues. This testing will be conducted by an independent consultant to determine compliance with State Planning Policy 5.4. 

While the major rail works in this area are now complete, work is continuing on the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge, Victoria Park Drive upgrades and the construction of Camfield and Roger Mackay drives. Work will also begin soon to build a bus layover area next to the Tennis Centre off Victoria Park Drive, detail here.

A big thanks to the local community for your patience and understanding during this project. 

A photo of inside Perth Stadium Station from March 2017

Perth Stadium Station now 90 per cent complete

17 March 2017

Construction of Perth Station Station is more than 90% complete and whilst the main station structure looks almost complete from the outside, there’s still plenty of work taking place at the site. This includes platform paving, ceiling cladding as well as ongoing overhead line equipment and track works.

Once construction is complete, commissioning and testing the Station and associated infrastructure will take place to ensure it’s ready in time for the start of the 2018 AFL season.


  • Image above shows the installation of the internal cladding in the Eastern concourse, which is now 89 per cent complete.
  • The image directly below shows the stairwell to platforms 3 and 4, which will provide a direct service to the Joondalup and Fremantle lines after an event.
  • The image further below shows the installation of glass on the Western Concourse which leads directly to the special event platforms 3 and 4.

Photo of the stairwell to platforms 3 & $ at Perth Stadium Station

Installation of glass on the Western Concourse at Perth Stadium Station

Shutdowns… it’s a wrap!

30 January 2017

The 17-day major disruption of the Armadale/Thornlie Line for Perth Stadium Station works has ended and resulted in the successful completion of a central stowage track in preparation for event days at the Perth Stadium station.  The work site was all within the rail reserve between Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Park Station – about a kilometre in length.

During the shutdowns there was a serious amount of work completed including:

  • The team of up to 300 staff members worked 24/7 to keep the disruption as short as possible.
  • They removed 2km of existing track, rebuilding it further apart to make space for the stowage track, laying 3km of track in total.
  • Eight turnouts were also built so that the trains are able to move between the three tracks.
  • Around 6,300 cubic metres of fill was removed, including 1,289m3 of existing ballast.
  • More than 8,000 tonnes of new ballast and 4,500 sleepers were laid.
  • To keep trains running and cater for Transperth’s weekday commuters, the work was staged so that the Armadale-bound track was removed and rebuilt in the first week, all while keeping a limited train service running back-and-forth on the Perth-bound track, swapping over in the second week.
  • Work also continued at the Perth Stadium Station site, including platform paving, ceiling cladding as well as overhead line equipment and track works.

For information on upcoming weekend and nightly closures related to this project, please visit

A view from Perth Stadium Station construction site from a crane

Perth Stadium Station is starting to take shape

10 October 2016

Construction of the Perth Stadium Station and Victoria Park Stow Roads project is now 64 per cent complete.

Highlights of the past few weeks include:

  • the completion of the concrete decks for both the East and West concourses;
  • lift shaft installation and canopy works for Platform 5/6; and,
  • the installation of station entrance stairs.

Work in the coming weeks include:

  • continuing the construction of Platform 5/6 as well as the loop track at Platform 1;
  • cladding works to the concourses and platform canopies;
  • paving to Platform 1/2; and,
  • continuing the assembly of the Platform 5/6 canopy.
Construction of Platform 5/6 at Perth Stadium Station

Platform construction

In September the precast walls for Platform 6 (far left of photo above) were completed with the footings for Platform 5 underway.

To the right of the photo above is Platform 3/4 and behind the train travelling through the station, is Platform 1/2, where paving is underway and at 40 per cent complete.

Cladding installation at Perth Stadium

Cladding installation

With external cladding progressing well, focus has turned to the installation of the bronze ceiling panels on Platform 3/4.  Once complete, the Station will have a total of 6,500 bronze ceiling tiles.

Station and stow road works update – August 2016

Construction of Perth Stadium Station is progressing well with the works nearly 60 per cent complete.

During the July Shutdown, some of the existing tracks and overhead wiring between the Goongoongup Bridge and Burswood Station were removed and new tracks and wiring were installed.  Down at the Victoria Park Stow Road works (located between Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Park Station) sheet piling took place under the Howick Street Footbridge to stabilise the embankments for the future track works.

In the coming months, the focus at Perth Stadium Station will be on building platforms 5 and 6, constructing the loop tracks around the outer platforms and continuing the installation of the roofing and cladding to the concourses and platforms. 

At Victoria Park, embankment retention works will continue along with the installation of overhead wiring portals. 

In addition, early work has started on the East Perth Station upgrade which forms part of the Perth Stadium Transport project. The upgrade of East Perth Station will provide the operational requirements and infrastructure needed to cater for the increased level of patronage at the station on Perth Stadium event days, as well as making the station DDA compliant.

A view of the Perth Stadium Station construction site from the air

Stadium Station 40% complete as Armadale/Thornlie Line shutdowns commence 1 July

Steel work is well advanced on the platforms and track laying on the Belmont site is progressing well. The focus for June is to undertake all of the necessary works required in advance of the nine-day Shutdown, which starts on July 1. 

The works so far have seen the construction of a new set of tracks and four of the six new platforms for the Station.  Whilst majority of the work has been completed next to an operating rail line with closures at night and on weekends (minimising disruption to passengers), the time has come to ‘swap’ the services on to the new set of tracks, so work can be completed on the opposite side of the Station.  Once the closure is complete, Armadale and Thornlie line passengers will travel ‘through’ the Perth Stadium Station.

During the Shutdown, all stations from Burswood to Armadale will be closed, including Thornlie.  Replacement buses will run, but they will take longer so passengers are encouraged to plan their journey and allow and extra 45 minutes travel time.  Road users in the area may also be impacted by the Shutdown as replacement buses and additional cars on the road could affect travel times, particularly during peak periods.  Any passengers who require special assistance should phone customer service on 1800 800 022 at least an hour before they travel and if a station is unmanned, Transperth can ensure a staff member attends to assist as required.

For more information on the Shutdown visit, call the InfoLine on 13 62 13 or email

The Perth Stadium Station construction site

Perth Stadium Station – platforms and concourses starting to emerge

11 April 2016

Construction of Perth Stadium Station is well underway with structural steel currently being installed for both the eastern and western concourses of the Station.

Platforms 3 and 4 are progressing well with concrete walls in place and backfilling almost complete.  These will be the platforms with dedicated train services travelling express to the Fremantle and Joondalup lines after an event. The structural steel is also in place for the lift well to Platforms 3 and 4. 

Platforms 1 and 2 are also taking shape with most platform walls in place and backfilling underway. These platforms will have train services travelling express to Perth Station after an event – perfect for Mandurah Line passengers who will transfer in Perth.

Additionally, the installation of ballast, sleepers and rail has commenced for both the new main rail lines, stowage roads and screw piling for the new overhead equipment masts is underway.  The signalling equipment rooms for the new stowage yard have also been installed on site.

Perth Stadium Station and associated infrastructure (including the Victoria Park Stow Road) is now more than 20 per cent complete.  After the nine-day Shutdown in July, work will start on Platforms 5 and 6 and the other half of the station.

A photo of the newly installed structural steel at Perth Stadium Station in April 2016

Step into Augmented Reality for a sneak peak of Perth Stadium Station

Don’t wait until it opens in 2018, you can see Perth Stadium Station now using your smartphone or tablet.

The innovative LORAR+ app offers an inside view of the yet to be completed station, like you are there in person.

Just download the app and your smart device will turn any image displaying the ‘ar+’ icon (pictured right) into a 360º view of the Station.

Follow the steps below to activate your augmented reality experience of the future Perth Stadium Station.  

Augmented Reality logo
  1. Search your preferred app store for LORAR+.
  2. Install the LORAR+ app on your device, allowing the app to access your camera.
  3. Open LORAR+ and click ‘Let’s Begin’.
  4. Point the camera at any image displaying the ‘ar+’ icon. An augmented visualisation will appear on your device’s screen, showing a dynamic view of what Perth Stadium Station will look like.
  5. Move and rotate with your smart device to experience the 360º view.

Note: The app does not support Microsoft and Blackberry operating systems. For a complete and enjoyable experience we recommend using the latest IOS version.

Marker 1 for Augmented Reality
Marker 2 for Augmented Reality
Marker 3 for Augmented Reality

First tower crane erected on Perth Stadium Station site 

September 2015

The first of two tower cranes has been erected on the Perth Stadium Station site.

The tower crane is 30m in height and has a maximum lifting capacity of 24 tonnes. The crane’s 49m jib length also allows it be positioned clear of the operating Armadale and Thornlie lines to minimise rail disruption.

Once in position, both tower cranes will manoeuvre the steel concourse deck and three concrete columns for each platform into position. 

Construction of Perth Stadium Station commenced on the 5 August and will be completed in 2017, in time for commissioning and testing before it opens in time for the start of the 2018 AFL season.

The first tower crane at the Stadium Station site

Stage one rail works set to commence

Stage one of the Perth Stadium Station rail infrastructure will commence in mid-November creating a new 'To Perth' track closer to the Graham Farmer Freeway and diverting the ‘To Armadale’ line to the old ‘To Perth’ line.

Moving the tracks closer to the Graham Farmer Freeway will create a ‘greenfields’ working area for the future Perth Stadium Station to be built on, minimising the construction impact on the 36,000 passengers who use the Armadale Line every day.

Two weekend closures are planned in January 2015 to move operations onto these new lines. Passengers should sign up for Transperth’s free My Alerts email service to stay informed on any changes to their service.

Stage one will be completed in February 2015.