Victoria Park Drive

Victoria Park Drive and the adjacent rail, pedestrian and bridge infrastructure are being modified to accommodate Perth Stadium.

The existing road and bridge network is being expanded to enable new railway lines to be installed on the Armadale-Perth line and the new Perth Stadium Station to be built.

The modifications will ensure road users are provided with safe and efficient access to and from facilities on the Burswood Peninsula and at Belmont Park racecourse after the road and bridge works are complete in mid 2015.

The works include:

  • Installing additional bridge spans on the rail bridge adjacent to Graham Farmer Freeway;
  • Resurfacing a 600m section of Victoria Park Drive;
  • Installing a new roundabout to exit and enter the Stadium;
  • Altering the existing footbridge to accommodate the railway line upgrade; and
  • Constructing a new pedestrian underpass under Victoria Park Drive to link to Perth Stadium Station.

For construction impacts on local roads, visit our Construction Works Impacts page.