Victoria Park Drive

Victoria Park Drive and the adjacent rail, pedestrian and bridge infrastructure are being modified to accommodate Perth Stadium.

Two intersections with traffic lights and priority turning lanes are being built on Victoria Park Drive to increase access and minimise traffic congestion and delays on Perth Stadium event days. 

A map of the Victoria Park Drive works

The works include:

  • Installing a new intersection with traffic lights and priority turning lanes at the main vehicle entrance to Perth Stadium;
  • Installing a new intersection with traffic lights and priority turning lanes at the Roger Mackay Drive intersection, to connect with Camfield Drive;
  • Resurfacing a 650m section of Victoria Park Drive; and
  • Realigning the Principal Shared Path (PSP) along Victoria Park Drive.

The traffic lights and priority turning lanes at the two new intersections will assist event day traffic to move in and out of Stadium Park and also complement the Camfield Drive extension, reducing delays to special event buses. 

At each intersection, Victoria Park Drive will be widened to four lanes in each direction to allow two lanes of traffic to continue travelling on Victoria Park Drive, and two dedicated turning lanes for both left-hand and right-hand turns. 

On non-event days, the traffic lights will favour traffic on Victoria Park Drive.

Construction of these intersections is expected to be complete by late 2017. 

Perth Stadium has project-wide traffic management in place to manage the interface between general road users and construction traffic on Victoria Park Drive.  Lane closures and changing traffic conditions will be experienced as part of these works and road users should follow all signs and signals when moving through the area. 

Where possible, motorists are encouraged to avoid using Victoria Park Drive.  If you are travelling to Crown Perth, please use Great Eastern Highway to access the complex. 

In addition, as part of these works, a section of the PSP along Victoria Park Drive (towards the Graham Farmer Freeway) has been relocated to the western side of the road.  As this temporary diversion crosses roads that lead to construction sites, with large volumes of heavy construction vehicles, we strongly encourage all cyclists and pedestrians to use an alternative route where possible or travel slowly and with care. 

For construction impacts on local roads, visit our Construction Works Impacts page.

Perth Stadium PSP Diversion Map

Completed works

The existing road and bridge network has being expanded to enable new railway lines to be installed on the Armadale-Perth line and the new Perth Stadium Station to be built.

The modifications ensure road users are provided with safe and efficient access to and from facilities on the Burswood Peninsula and at Belmont Park racecourse.

The works included:

  • Installing additional bridge spans on the rail bridge adjacent to Graham Farmer Freeway;
  • Resurfacing a 600m section of Victoria Park Drive;
  • Installing a new roundabout to exit and enter the Stadium;
  • Altering the existing footbridge to accommodate the railway line upgrade; and
  • Constructing a new pedestrian underpass under Victoria Park Drive to link to Perth Stadium Station.